Can Oysters Boost Testosterone

Does Oyster Extract Really Boost Testosterone?

Virtually since records began, Oysters have been considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

A natural delicacy they are packed with valuable nutrients that have positive effects on testosterone levels, health and overall vitality.

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Some forward thinking manufacturers have recognised this fact and have started to use the extract in their supplement formulas.

In this article I look at the science behind these claims and set out just why you should be taking Oyster in your daily supplementation.


What Are Oysters

For the purpose of assuming that some people may not be exactly sure.

Oysters are marine (sea) creatures, they are molluscs (they live in shells) that belong to the same family as mussels and scallops.

They are classed as bivalve molluscs as they are enclosed within a shell that has 2 hinged sections.

They are considered to be a delicacy, they can be eaten raw (and alive) or can be cooked.

They have a smooth, salty taste with a jelly like consistency and to be honest they are not for everybody.

This is where Oyster extract is good, it provides all the nutrients and benefits, without having to swallow those slippery little things.

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Oyster Extract

Oyster extract is a dried form of the oyster meat that is ground down into powder form and used in supplements.

It contains all the nutrients and minerals without the ‘slimy’ sensation that you can get by eating them whole.

Bodybuilders and athletes in particular find it really effective and it does deliver some powerful benefits.

The Nutrients In Oyster Extract

Oysters are without a doubt one of the most nutrient rich foods that you could ever eat.

Exceptionally low in calories, while at the same time delivering a powerful mix of good fats and protein without too many carbohydrates.

Oysters contain your daily recommended allowance of Vitamin B12 and high levels of these other nutrients:

  • Selenium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium

One ingredient that I left off from the list is ZINC, and for good reason.

Zinc is one of the  most powerful testosterone boosters know to man, it also boosts and maintains fertility, and sperm motility.

Oysters contain a massive amount of zinc – more in fact then the finest lean red beef.

Zinc plays over 300 different roles in the body.

Studies have shown that Testosterone and Zinc have a very close relationship.

One study looked at 32 road cyclists with a view to examine the effect of zinc supplementation during periods of exhaustive exercise.

They were each given 20mg of Zinc daily for 4 weeks and required to take part in intense exercise sessions.

After the test period the cyclists showed a noticeable increase in testosterone levels.

A similar study followed 55 football players, given 30mg of Zinc daily, the researchers saw a significant increases in not just testosterone, but strength, and muscle power too.

“Zinc has been proven to provide a powerful boost in Testosterone and Performance”

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Other Benefits Of Taking Oyster Extract

With testing comes knowledge and the scientists now know a lot about Oysters. But boosting testosterone isn’t the only thing that it can do.

Boosts Libido – Higher testosterone levels have a direct link to your sex drive and performance between the sheets.

While oysters do not actually boost your libido directly, the increase in sex hormones that they provide does.

Boosts Well-BeingJapanese researchers discovered that when oysters are added to study subjects diets, their moods, energy and even immune functions improved.

To Sum Up – Is Oyster Extract Worth Taking?

Oyster extract has a long standing reputation for being an aphrodisiac, something that has now been confirmed in clinical studies.

These studies have shown that Oyster extract will have a positive effect on testosterone production, boosting and improving sex drive, physical performance and general health.

Unless you are allergic to seafood, its one supplement that you really should be taking to maximise your testosterone levels.

To date only a handful of manufacturers have fully grasped the importance and effectiveness of Oyster extract.

testofuel vitamin D

Of these, one stands out from the crowd – Testofuel, a UK made natural testosterone booster was one of, if not THE first of its kind to harness the T-boosting power of these sea dwelling creatures.

Testofuel is a power packed, highly popular T-boosting product that is available worldwide.

I carried out a full review on it earlier in the year, and you can read my full review by clicking here