Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Review

Do You Want To Build Muscle, Increase Strength and Speed Recovery? Check Out Military Muscle.

Now Suitable For Vegans!

military muscle reviews

Its not often that a product comes across my desk that really spikes my interest, but a month ago I discovered and bought a bottle of the latest UK made Testosterone Booster.

Called Military Muscle, it is a purpose designed and developed all natural T-booster that will help increase testosterone levels.

It boosts and improving muscle size and strength, energy levels, recovery and of course overall vitality including improved sex drive and performance.

Developed with help from the military, scientists and professional sportspeople.

Its makers make some pretty solid claims that has been backed up in tests and trials in how it can help its users to:

  • Build solid Muscle
  • Increase Strength
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Boosts Sex Drive And Performance
  • Reduce Unwanted Body Fat.

The Company Behind Military Muscle

Military Muscle was researched and developed over a three year period by its makers Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd.

They have offices in the centre of London UK, and Houston Texas in the US which gives them a global presence.

The Formula In Military Muscle

military muscle ingredient label

Military Muscle is an exhaustively researched and developed all natural testosterone boosting supplement.

It works to stimulate and increase your on testosterone production.

Many of the men involved it its development and testing are serving soldiers who need to make sure that they are fully fit and ready for action.

Suitable for all men aged 18 and over, its perfect for any man who works out regularly and wants to build larger muscles.

Its also every bit as effective in men as they get that little bit older.

Testosterone production naturally declines by around 2% per year from the age of 30 onwards.

The effects of this reduction causing a drop in muscle tone, energy levels and reduced sexual response.

Each and every serving in Military Muscle contains a power packed dose of 11 proven ingredients that will work with your natural hormonal processes to trigger a natural increase in testosterone production.

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military muscle t-booster benefits

The formula is made up as follows:

  • Vitamin D3 99.96mcg
  • Vitamin A 257 mug
  • Iron 12mg
  • Zinc 20mg
  • Urtica Diocia 360mg
  • Vitamin K2 45mcg
  • Boron 10mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 56mg
  • Ashwagandha Root 600mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300mg
  • Fenugreek 500mg

The makers have now made a conscious change to the way they make their capsules, they have removed all animal gelatin and instead use plantcaps® which means that they are now 100% suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians!

Looking At The Key Ingredients In The Formula

The 11 ingredients are all specially selected for their proven ability to boost testosterone in the body :

Vitamin D3

One of the key ingredients in the formula.

Vitamin D deficiency is commonplace in the western world. It’s not a vitamin that we can get easily from our food.

It’s largely from exposure to the sun that gives our body its supply of this essential hormone.

Studies have proven that Vitamin D has a positive relationship with testosterone, and its inclusion in the formula is crucial.

The Vitamin D Council recommend that to increase testosterone you need to be taking 3230iu per day – the 99.96 mcg dose in Military Muscle delivers just under 4000iu


Military Muscle is packed with a massive amount of Ashwagandha – a clinical proven t-boosting agent.

This has been shown to significantly boost testosterone and muscle strength when taken over a 3 month period.

Not only that, it has also been shown to be very effective at reducing the effects of stress on the body by restricting the release of cortisol – the stress hormone.


Fenugreek is an excellent t-boosting ingredient, and 500mg is the preferred daily dose for optimum results.

Its also great at boosting libido and sexual response in men. It does deliver best results when taken for a minimum of 8 weeks.


Low levels of Zinc are linked to cases of low testosterone.

Furthermore zinc can be lost during periods of exertion ie when we sweat during workouts.

Zinc is an essential mineral and key to maximum testosterone production, it also helps to maintain fertility.


Often referred to as a boring mineral, but the truth is far different.

A daily dose of 10mg ( as found in Military muscle) has been shown to have positive effects on both increasing testosterone production and crucially in reducing Estrogen build up in men.

It also helps to reduce inflammation.

D-Aspartic Acid

One of the most crucial t-boosting ingredients of all. 

Studies have shown that it can boost testosterone levels by a staggering 42%.

It works by boosting the release of luteinising hormone the major precursor to testosterone release in the body.

It has other benefits too, it can help boost sperm count in men with low fertility.

military muscle

Other Ingredients


Not an actual testosterone boosting agent, but iron is crucial to the maintenance of the blood, in particular the red blood cells.

It is these that carry essential nutrients and oxygen around the body, delivering them to the muscles and cells ensuring peak performance.

Vitamin A

When taken alongside Iron, Vitamin A is know to boost the levels of testosterone, it can also boost the immune system, and the organs.

Vitamin K2

Crucial for steroid production in the testicles, and recognised for its ability to reduce testosterone decline. Vitamin K2 can also help guard against heart disease.

Urtica Dioca

AKA Extract of stinging nettle, it has been recognised for its ability to reduce inflammation.

It also helps stop the unawanted aromatase process that converts testosterone into the female hormone Estrogen.

the 360mg dose found in Military Muscle is the amount recommended in studies carried out at the  Department of Urology at medical college in Qingdao university.

Mucuna Pruriens

The seeds from this plant extract are proven to be excellent at boosting male fertility and sexual responses.

Coupled with that, studies also saw a noticeable increase in testosterone production.

It is also good at reducing prolactin, a compound that is harmful to testosterone, and can be a root cause of erection problems.

military muscle bottle and capsules

How To Take Military Muscle

The recommended daily serving is 6 capsules per day. –

This should be split into three servings taking 2 capsules with each meal. This ensures a steady flow of essential nutrients into the body through the day


Although still quite new to the market place, I spoke to some of the men involved in its development.

Soldiers and professional athletes have found that it really helps them to pack on muscle, boost energy and results in the gym.

Sample Testimonials courtesy of military muscle website:

military muscle customer testimonials

My Own Findings With Military Muscle

I took the supplement for a month as part of this review process. My findings are detailed below:

Week One   I didn’t feel much by way of effects for the first 4 days, but on day 5 i did experience a feeling of being more energised, this gradually continued to increase as the days went by.

Week Two – As a keen gym goer – even at my age (60) I love to workout and have recently been struggling to improve my bench press and shoulder presses.

 I had hit that plateau that we can all experience from time to time.

On day 9 of my trial I managed to beat my bench press by 10% and over 15% on my shoulder press. From that day on, I have steadily seen increases in all my lifts and results.

Week Three – This is where I stated seeing some visible results too, my biceps started looking larger and far more vascular than before.

I noticed that my abs were starting to put in an appearance again – I had lost some weight too – without even dieting – another benefit of improving testosterone.

Week Four – My results in the gym have kept on improving, and my muscles are now larger and harder than they were a month ago.

On a more personal a note, my erections have really stepped up too, they are harder and seem to last far longer too

Bottom Line“This certainly worked for me – I love it and am ordering some more as I write this.”

Military Muscle FAQ’s

What Is Military Muscle?

Military Muscle is a purpose made all natural testosterone booster that was developed with the help of the military. It helps raise testosterone production naturally, boosting muscle mass, strength, energy and vitality

Who Makes Military Muscle

The company behind the product is Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd, they are a global company with offices in both London and Houston Texas

Who Can Take Military Muscle

Any man aged 18-80 who wants to keep his testosterone levels at their peak.

How Long Should I Use Military Muscle For?

There is no maximum period, as a natural product, you can take for as long as you wish. The manufacturers do recommend taking for at least 12 weeks however to achieve and enjoy maximum results

Can I Take Military Muscle Alongside Other Supplements?

You can safely take military muscle alongside most other supplements including protein, creatine, fat burners and nootropics. All we would add is that if you are taking any long term medication for a health condition, that you double check with your doctor before taking this OR any supplement

I take Steroids Can I Use Military Muscle As An Effective PCT?

Absolutely, while I do not actually recommend Steroid use as it literally stops your own natural hormone production, Military Muscle will help stimulate and re-start natural testosterone release after a period on Steroids. This will help give your moods, motivation and libido a natural boost

Is Military Muscle Legal?

100% there is nothing risky or banned substances in the formula, its used by professional soldiers as well as athletes and sportspeople – even during competitions.

Is Military Muscle Safe?

Yes, there is nothing in the formula that will cause any adverse side effects, just keep to the recommended daily dose

I Am A Vegen – Can I Take Military Muscle?

YES, the capsules do not contain any animal based ingredients so are totally suitable for vegans

Can Women Take Military Muscle?

Women too, need testosterone for optimum health, but their natural levels are far lower than men. Taking Military Muscle will help keep their testosterone levels at the optimum level for their sex, it will not force them to grow beards, get deeper voices or develop huge muscles

Do You Ship Worldwide And To BPO/APO military addresses?

Yes with a very few exceptions the makers will ship to any delivery address worldwide

Where To Buy Military Muscle T-Booster

official military muscle website

You can buy direct from the official Military Muscle website (Click Here)

A months supply will cost you $69.00  (£55.99) You can choose from a number of local currencies depending on where you live in the world.

There are some good savings of up to 15% to be made by ordering 2 or more bottles

Orders are shipped worldwide for FREE.

My Final Thoughts On Military Muscle

What a fantastic product !, I know my stuff when it comes to testosterone boosters and the formula is one of the best I have ever seen.

They have been very thorough when formulating this product and as direct result have created a brilliant testosterone booster that will deliver some great results

And you don’t have to be a soldier, or bodybuilder either, any man who feels that his muscle tone, strength  and vitality has reduced will benefit from taking Military Muscle.

My Suggestion – Give it A Try, I know you won’t regret it!

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Top Testosterone Boosters Australia

What Are The Best T-Boosters In Australia In 2023?

testosterone boost muscle mass

Testosterone is the key to everything male, it’s largely responsible for our muscle mass, strength, moods, temperament, sex drive, fertility and levels of body fat.

When it reduces for any reason, the effects can be really detrimental to your overall health and well being.

If you are a keen gym goer working hard to build larger, stronger muscles, you will need to ensure that your testosterone production is kept at its peak.

That way you will  ensure that you get the best results from your workouts.

A Good Natural Testosterone Booster Can Help!

We have spent many years researching testosterone and the large number of testosterone boosters that are available to buy.

From our intensive research we have complied this list of the three products that we believe offer men of all ages the best results

TestoCentral Top 3 Testosterone Boosters of 2023


testofuel box and bottle

Made by reputable supplement manufacturers Roar Ambition, Testofuel is our top rated product for keen gym goers.

Made with a power packed mix of 9 key ingredients including powerful doses of Vitamin D (5000iu) and D-Aspartic Acid (2300mg).

They combine these with the proven ZMA combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6.

The makers were also one of the first to harness the powerful testosterone boosting properties of Oyster Extract.

Available worldwide with prices starting at AU$ 85.00.

There are some great offers for larger orders – some offering free boxes.

Orders also have the protection of  a 90 day cash back guarantee.

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Click Here To Go To Official Testofuel Website 


testogen reviews australia

Made by supplement guru’s Wolfson Berg Ltd.

Testogen is a great all round natural product that boosts muscle mass, strength and libido.

It’s also great at helping to reverse the effects of low testosterone in men under 40.

Using a cleverly formulated ingredient profile that includes great doses of Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, Vitamin D3 and Red Ginseng

A months supply costs from AU$ 69.99 with some great deals and offers for larger orders

Te makers ship all orders worldwide for free and offer a 60 day cash back guarantee too

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Prime Male

prime male australia

Without doubt the BEST T-Booster for any man aged 40 and over who is experiencing the debilitating effects of low testosterone.

Scientifically formulated and currently the ‘go-to’ product for over a million satisfied customers worldwide.

The formula contains a clever all natural blend that includes D-Aspartic acid, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Boron and Luteolin

Prime Male can help to boost muscle mass, tone and strength.

It helps to boost moods, and sleep quality.

Its most popular effect is the way it turbocharges libido and sexual performance 

Priced from AU$85.00 with some great offers and free boxes for larger orders.

Prime male is (like Testofuel) sold with a 90 day cash back guarantee

Click Here To Read Our Full Review

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Prime Male Testosterone Booster Australia

Prime Male – The Best T-Booster In Australia For The Over 40’s

If you have reached the age of 40 and beyond, there is very chance that you are experiencing some of the symptoms associated with low testosterone.

You are not alone either, here in Australia alone there are over 2 million men diagnosed with hypogonadism ( the medical term for low testosterone)

Testosterone hits its peak during puberty and through our twenties.

As we hit 30 and beyond, its medically proven that our natural testosterone production started to reduce.

Experts tell us that the reduction occurs at about 1-2% per year

This can gradually cause some noticeable side effects to start to appear, theses can include:

  • Reduced energy
  • Increased belly fat
  • Loss of strength and muscle tone
  • Lack of sex drive, weak erections
  • Bad moods, lack of concentration
  • Lack of sleep

Not every man will experience all these problems, and their effects will vary in severity.

 It’s all down to the actual amount of testosterone being made in the body.

Diagnosing and Treating Low Testosterone

Testosterone production can be checked very easily by a simple blood test. 

In normal healthy men the testosterone levels should be in the region of 350mgl/dl up to 1000mg/dl.

If the level drops below 350mg/dl then you are officially diagnosed as having low testosterone.

Your doctor has a number of options available to them.

They can provide testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in a number of forms, injections, creams, gels, pills and patches can all be used.

All of them work in a similar way, basically they put synthetic ( man made) testosterone into your body to try and makeup the shortfall.

The other option is to use a natural testosterone boosting supplement that instead of putting testosterone into the body, works to encourage your body to increase production of its own natural testosterone.

testosterone blood test

Risks Of Drug Based TRT

Although highly effective for many men, the use of drug based TRT has been linked to some rather nasty side effects and health issues. 

In the USA where there are in excess of 20 million men with low testosterone.

There are a large number of court cases being heard in the courts where men who have been prescribed testosterone drugs, have as a direct result suffered strokes and heart attacks. 

The men claim that the manufacturers of these drugs knew of the potential problems but failed to notify the public and the prescribing doctors.

The Benefits Of Natural Testosterone Boosters

A good natural testosterone booster does not put foreign testosterone into your body.

Instead they provide and nurture the right hormonal environment that will encourage your body to step up its production of your own natural testosterone.

As its genetically linked to to your body, its far less likely that there will be any adverse reactions or side effects.

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

buy prime male t-booster australia

This is where Prime Male can help…

UK made and developed and now available worldwide, its a thought out and scientifically developed all natural testosterone boosting supplement that has been especially developed for men aged 35+. 

Since its launch several years ago, it has been firmly sat at the top of the best selling list.

It has over a million dedicated users across the world and quite frankly is without any doubt the best product of its kind anywhere.

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Prime Male Formula

The ingredient profile in Prime Male is impressive. Each and every compound has solid clinical evidence behind it backing up its claims and benefits.

The formula is fully disclosed with no hidden ingredients, 

Each and every serving is made up as follows:

Prime Male formula

How To Take Prime Male

The suggested daily serving is 4 capsules. take one with breakfast, one at lunch, one mid afternoon and the final capsule with dinner

Does It Cause Any Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any adverse reactions or side effects resulting from the taking of Prime Male.

Users Feedback

Its virtually impossible to find a poor review.

Every testimonial that we have found speaks of great improvements in testosterone production improved muscle tone, energy levels and a very welcome boost in sex drive and performance

sample reviews courtesy of Prime Male Website

prime male testimonials

Where Can You Buy Prime Male In Australia

prime male official website

The makers have full distribution in place across Australia and New Zealand. Simply go to and place your order direct with the manufacturers.

A months supply will cost you AU$ 85.00 – currently you can also get a FREE* months supply.

There are some other great offers where you can save even more money – 

Buy 2 boxes, get another 2 boxes FREE for just AU$ 170.00

Buy 4 Boxes get another 2 boxes FREE for just AU$ 340.00

*The FREE Box offer is a limited offer and could be cancelled at anytime

Cash Back Guarantee

Prime Male is sold with a 90 day cash back guarantee.

This means that you can take Prime Male for up to 90 days and If you find that it doesn’t work for you, simply return the empty boxes for a full refund with no questions asked.

“ The 90 days cash back guarantee highlights the manufacturers belief in Prime Male and their desire for customer satisfaction”

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

There is no doubt that Prime Male is the best testosterone booster for men aged 35 and over.

 It provides  a safe and proven way of boosting testosterone production without putting you at risk of adverse side effects.

“ A million plus users across the world cannot be wrong!”

Click Here To Go To The Official Prime Male Website

Testogen – Australia’s Top T Booster?

Testogen Testosterone Booster Review

testogen box and bottle

Testogen is a cleverly thought out and formulated all natural testosterone booster. I

t was designed to help men of all ages improve their natural testosterone production.

This ultimately helps them to boost their muscle tone, mass and strength.

It also helps to boost sex drive and general vitality – Its made by supplement gurus Wolfson Berg Ltd

Readily available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

It is without any doubt, one product to consider when you are looking to boost your natural hormone production

Testogen Benefits At A Glance

  • All natural formula
  • Boosts muscle mass
  • Increases strength
  • Improves vitality and sex drive
  • Reduces unwanted body fat

Click Here To Go To Official Testogen Website

The Testogen Formula

The manufacturers have clearly studied and researched their subject.

Their formula has been recently reformulated and the end result is an effective, clinically proven daily supplement.

Each and every ingredient is fully disclosed and provides powerful testosterone boosting effects to all users.

Each serving includes

  • Magnesium Citrate – 200mg –
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5 phosphate) 20mg
  • Zinc (citrate dihydrate) – 10mg
  • Vitamin D3 – 50mcg
  • Vitamin K1  (Phytonadione) – 20mcg
  • D-Aspartic Acid – 2352mg
  • Nettle Leaf – 40mg
  • Red Ginseng Extract – 40mg
  • Fenugreek – 40mg
  • Boron Citrate – 20mg
  • Bioperine – 95% piperine – 5mg
testogen ingredients

How To Take Testogen

The daily dose of testogen is 4 capsules.

The makers recommend that you take one capsule with each meal ( breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon and then with dinner)

What Do Users Say About Testogen?

Over 99% of users all report great results, with improved muscle mass, tone and strength.

They also report a noticeable improvement in sex drive and overall vitality.

As part of our review process I bought a months supply,  

I started taking it on a Monday and it wasn’t until the following Tuesday ( 8 days) that I started to experience noticeable improvements in my energy levels.

My muscles started to feel a lot harder and the veins in my arms were more pronounced.

Gradually I started to see a slow but steady improvement in my results from my workouts, along with increased muscle mass.

The thing that really showed me how much difference that Testogen made was in my deadlift.

 I have struggled to beat 80KG for ages and after taking Testogen for just 2 weeks I managed to dead lift 90kg. 

I saw similar improvements in most of my favourite compound lifts and I found that I could workout for far longer before becoming fatigued.

sample testimonials courtesy of testogen website

Any Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any side effects from any users of Testogen

Where Can I Buy Testogen In Australia

testogen website australia

The only place to buy genuine Testogen throughout the region is from the official website (Click Here)

Orders are shipped from local distribution hubs.

They are all shipped for FREE and the makers give a 60 day bash back guarantee on all orders

A months supply will cost you AU$ 69.99

There are some great offers when you buy 2 or more bottles.

My vote for best value buy is the Ultimate Supply – for AU$ 209.99 you get 3 bottles – PLUS TWO MORE BOTTLES FREE.

You also get a free E book on testosterone.

Added Bonus – The makers have now introduced some new bundles that also include FREE bottles of Testogen innovative Instant Testosterone Booster Oil Drops. 

Taken alongside the main supplement, just 1-2 drops under the tongue 1-2 times a day will enhance and magnify the results of the main supplement

visit website for full details and pricing

testogen oral drops

FInal Thoughts

“Testogen is a well thought out product thats clever formulated and will without any doubt help any man of any age to boost his muscles and vitality”

The recent reformulation has really boosted this products effectiveness, it uses some of the industries most recognised and effective ingredients.

This is a terrific improvement and one that has shot Testogen right up to the top of the best sellers list.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your requirements are.

If you want to boost testosterone and boost your muscle mass, strength, sex drive and vitality then Testogen should be one to consider.

You Can Find Out More And Place Your Order Securely From

Testofuel Review

Australia’s Top T-Booster in 2020

Testofuel Box and Bottle

Testofuel has been the best selling testosterone booster here in Australia virtually ever since its launch some 6 years ago. 

The result of several years intensive research and development by UK/US based supplement manufacturer Roar Ambition.

It promises its users of all ages that it will help them to build solid muscle mass, improve strength, performance and overall vitality.

With a number of high profile fans including Robbie Robinson a former Mr Olympia Master who has been taking it to boost his workouts.

Testofuel has become the first choice for millions of users throughout the world.

It’s one of literally hundreds of different T-boosters on the market.

The product has an impressive pedigree and numerous testimonials both on the official website and on independent review sites.

Readily available throughout Australia, it costs from AU $85 with some great savings when you buy 2 or more bottles.

Whats more the makers also offer a 90 day cash back guarantee so basically in the unlikely event that it doesn’t work for you, you can claim your full money back.

Click Here To Go To Official Testofuel Website

Heres Some In Depth Information:

Testofuel Ingredients

Ingredients are king, use the right ones in the right quantities and supplement will deliver some good results.

Get them wrong or not put enough of the right ones in the mix and all you will experience is failure, frustration and the feeling that you have wasted your money.

Testofuel contains 9 key ingredients, each chosen for their proven ability to boost testosterone levels.

Here’s some of the key Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid – One of the most important testosterone boosting ingredients.

Studies have proved that it can boost testosterone levels by up to 42% – Testofuel contains 2300mg – far more than most other products

Vitamin D3 – Another essential T-boosting compound.

Vitamin D has been studied in great depth and it has been proven that a daily dose of 3320iu makes a huge difference to Testosterone production.

Testofuel contains a staggering 5000iu – more than virtually any other T-booster available anywhere.

Zinc – One of life’s essential minerals, Zinc is crucial for healthy sperm production, sex drive and vitality

Magnesium – Alongside Zinc, Magnesium is a crucial mineral essential for optimum testosterone production. You get 200mg in every serving of Testofuel

Fenugreek – Testofuel contains 100mg of Fenugreek – a natural and essential Testosterone boosting compound

Oyster Extract – One of the most powerful sources of natural Zinc – Oysters contain even more than the finest lean beef – Testofuel contains 100mg of this great ingredient

Ingredient Label:

Testofuel Ingredient Label

How do you take Testofuel

The suggested daily serving is 4 capsules per day.

Roar Ambition suggest that you take one with breakfast one with lunch, one mid afternoon and the final capsule with dinner.

Always take Testofuel or in fact ANY supplement with a glass of water as this helps to ease and speed absorption.

How Long Should I Take It For?

Testofuel is designed to be taken for extended period of time.

The makers do recommend taking it for at least 8 weeks and then as required to help maintain the elevated testosterone levels

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of any adverse side effects from any users of Testofuel – Its important to stick to the recommended daily dose.


You can find a stack of user testimonials both on the official website and on independent review websites. –

You can view the official reviews here –

Overall the feedback is largely positive, with users all reporting great improvements in muscle tone, strength and energy.

Strangely enough there are also some good reviews from women who use it too who report improved muscle tone alongside noticeable weight loss.

Testofuel Testimonials

Pros and Cons


  • Fully detailed ingredient profile
  • No hidden ingredients or undisclosed proprietary blends
  • Improves muscle mass
  • Boosts strength and energy
  • Improves motivation
  • Helps to reduce body fat


  • Capsules are not suitable for vegetarians
  • Possibly not suitable for anybody with shellfish allergy
  • Only available direct from manufacturer
  • Premium priced product ( but you can save money with larger orders)

Where To Buy Testofuel In Australia

Testofuel Official Website

The official manufacturers website is only place where you can buy genuine Testofuel (Click Here)

Prices start at AU$ 85.00 for a full months supply.

You can save money and also get free boxes* when you choose from their larger bundles.

*Our vote for the best buy is Testofuel’s “Ultimate Muscle Gainers Bundle”

For AU$ 255.00 you get 3 boxes of testofuel, a 4th box FREE, plus access to two very useful E books, one on nutrition and the other on workouts.

Shipping is fast and when you buy 2 or more bottles its FREE too.

Cash Back Guarantee

Testofuel is one of only a handful of products to offer a lengthy 90 day cash back guarantee to their customers. 

It’s quite simple, they ask you to take Testofuel as directed for 90 days, if after that period you are disappointed with the results, they tell you to return the empty boxes for a full refund.

Our Conclusion

If you are looking for a testosterone booster, you will struggle to fine one that matches itl for its formula, and results.

Quite simply its the best out there!

Testofuel is openly and honestly marketed, with no risky or hidden ingredients, quite frankly you can see what you are getting with no surprises.

It’s been developed for active men who workout regularly but its effects and benefits do not stop there.

It is every bit as effective on older men who are experiencing the effects of age related low testosterone.

The product also works really well for women, boosting their energy levels, improving their muscle tone and trimming unwanted body fat.

Overall we really rate Testofuel and recommend it to all readers!

You Can Buy Your Supply Directly From