How To Reduce Your Estrogen Levels NOW

How To Reduce Your Estrogen Levels NOW!

Excess estrogen (E) can be a problem for both sexes. In women, they can experience painful breasts and mood swings. 

Not taking it away from women though. Men on the other hand tend to suffer a lot more if their estrogen levels are allowed to increase.

They can experience the growth of a mighty fine pair of man boobs, and can also start to find that their erections are getting weaker or even non existent.

E is the sworn enemy of testosterone, although we need both in our body, if the delicate balance is allowed to swing in the favour of estrogen, the detriment effects can be quite devastating for the man.

Fortunately its not all lost….There are some steps that you can take to help to reduce estrogen build up.

aromatase in men

Go Organic

Never has the saying “you are what you eat” been so true as in man with high estrogen. 

Take cows for instance. Most are reared on farms that use conventional farming methods are fed estrogenic drugs to help fatten the cows quicker.

This enable them to be ready for market quicker, and improve milk production. this allows the farmer greater profits.

As a direct result, greater levels of E can be found in the flesh of butchered animals, and the milk too, along with any dairy products made using it, are also generally higher in Estrogen.

Eating organic food stuffs, fruits and vegetables can be good starting point when trying to reduce estrogen levels.

In fact going organic is better across the board.

This is because of the pesticides and other sprays that are used in conventional farming can play havoc with male and female hormone production .

estrogen in milk

Eat High Fibre Foods

We all know the benefits from eating high fibre foods can have on your digestive health, but did you known that they can also help reduce estrogen too?

If you have poor gastrointestinal health, it inhibits your estrogen secretion and may cause estrogen that is present in the digestive system to be re-absorbed.

High fibre foods including wheat bran and flax seed help to bind the hormone.

This helps it to be passed out of the body in the faeces without it being reabsorbed into the body.

anti estrogen foods

Dietary fibre reduces the detrimental effects of an enzyme called B-glucouronidase. 

This enzyme works by freeing any bound Estrogen allowing it to be reabsorbed before it can be passed out of the digestive system.

Stop Eating Canned And Processed Foods

Processed foods should ideally be avoided because they are packed with preservatives and food dyes that are also xenoestrogens.

Now although this is not an actual hormone per se, it mimics the effects of estrogen in its effects and actions.

Food cans are also lined with a plastic that contains a substance called BPA.

Its used as an anti corrosive material, to stop the cans from corroding internally.

It is however more trouble that its worth, as being a xenoestrogen it can increase the users estrogen levels.

BPA has also been linked to some cancers, male infertility and also birth defects in some cases.

Reduce The Use Of Plastic

dangers of plastic bottles

Apart from the linings in tin cans, BPA can be found in many everyday containers and general plastics.

Disposable cutlery, microwaveable or takeaway food containers, water bottles can all have BPA. 

Plastic cups, and food bags are two other culprits.

In order to avoid BPA its best to ditch the plastic as much as possible.

Buy a metal water bottle Or use a BPA Free bottle instead of carrying those shop bought water bottles with you.

Non Stick Cookware

Even your favourite non stick frying pan could be harbouring those unwanted xenoestrogens.

They have their benefits in that they’re easy to clean, but really a good ceramic or steel pan is a better option.

Avoid Soy

soy estrogen

Soy contains a plant based version of estrogen that can throw your hormone levels out of whack. 

This is bad news for those vegetarians and vegans out there, as soy is a great high protein replacement for meat. 

By all means have some in your diet, just don’t over do it.

Use Natural Laundry Products

Many manufacturers of washing powders and fabric softeners use petrochemicals that can act as xenoestrogens. 

These can remain in the clothes and pass through the skin, effecting your testosterone levels. 

The answer is to choose only natural, organic products wherever possible.

Step Up The Exercise

exercise and estrogen

A study carried out in 2011, followed a group of pre-menopausal women. 

They each performed 300 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. 

It was discovered that the exercising helped them reduce their Estrogen levels by 18.5%. In a women thats not ideal, but the same can be seen in men.

Regular exercise will help step up testosterone production and reduce estrogen

To Sum Up

Its clear that Estrogen can be reduced by regular exercise and by making small changes to your lifestyle and diet to avoid products and foods that could be increasing your estrogen.

“Prevention is Far Better Than Cure”

That aside, the use of good supplement that contains proven anti estrogen ingredients can work wonders. 

Some of the best natural T-boosters contain proven anti estrogenic ingredients, which will not only negate the effects of estrogen build up, but will also help boost muscle tone, strength, energy and libido.