Testofuel Review

Australia’s Top T-Booster in 2020

Testofuel Box and Bottle

Testofuel has been the best selling testosterone booster here in Australia virtually ever since its launch some 6 years ago. 


The result of several years intensive research and development by UK/US based supplement manufacturer Roar Ambition.

It promises its users of all ages that it will help them to build solid muscle mass, improve strength, performance and overall vitality.

With a number of high profile fans including Robbie Robinson a former Mr Olympia Master who has been taking it to boost his workouts.

Testofuel has become the first choice for millions of users throughout the world.

It’s one of literally hundreds of different T-boosters on the market.

The product has an impressive pedigree and numerous testimonials both on the official website and on independent review sites.

Readily available throughout Australia, it costs from AU $85 with some great savings when you buy 2 or more bottles.

Whats more the makers also offer a 90 day cash back guarantee so basically in the unlikely event that it doesn’t work for you, you can claim your full money back.

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Heres Some In Depth Information:

Testofuel Ingredients

Ingredients are king, use the right ones in the right quantities and supplement will deliver some good results.

Get them wrong or not put enough of the right ones in the mix and all you will experience is failure, frustration and the feeling that you have wasted your money.

Testofuel contains 9 key ingredients, each chosen for their proven ability to boost testosterone levels.

Here’s some of the key Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid – One of the most important testosterone boosting ingredients.

Studies have proved that it can boost testosterone levels by up to 42% – Testofuel contains 2300mg – far more than most other products

Vitamin D3 – Another essential T-boosting compound.

Vitamin D has been studied in great depth and it has been proven that a daily dose of 3320iu makes a huge difference to Testosterone production.

Testofuel contains a staggering 5000iu – more than virtually any other T-booster available anywhere.

Zinc – One of life’s essential minerals, Zinc is crucial for healthy sperm production, sex drive and vitality

Magnesium – Alongside Zinc, Magnesium is a crucial mineral essential for optimum testosterone production. You get 200mg in every serving of Testofuel

Fenugreek – Testofuel contains 100mg of Fenugreek – a natural and essential Testosterone boosting compound

Oyster Extract – One of the most powerful sources of natural Zinc – Oysters contain even more than the finest lean beef – Testofuel contains 100mg of this great ingredient

Ingredient Label:

Testofuel Ingredient Label

How do you take Testofuel

The suggested daily serving is 4 capsules per day.

Roar Ambition suggest that you take one with breakfast one with lunch, one mid afternoon and the final capsule with dinner.

Always take Testofuel or in fact ANY supplement with a glass of water as this helps to ease and speed absorption.

How Long Should I Take It For?

Testofuel is designed to be taken for extended period of time.

The makers do recommend taking it for at least 8 weeks and then as required to help maintain the elevated testosterone levels

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of any adverse side effects from any users of Testofuel – Its important to stick to the recommended daily dose.


You can find a stack of user testimonials both on the official website and on independent review websites. –

You can view the official reviews here – https://www.testofuel.com/our-testimonials/

Overall the feedback is largely positive, with users all reporting great improvements in muscle tone, strength and energy.

Strangely enough there are also some good reviews from women who use it too who report improved muscle tone alongside noticeable weight loss.

Testofuel Testimonials

Pros and Cons


  • Fully detailed ingredient profile
  • No hidden ingredients or undisclosed proprietary blends
  • Improves muscle mass
  • Boosts strength and energy
  • Improves motivation
  • Helps to reduce body fat


  • Capsules are not suitable for vegetarians
  • Possibly not suitable for anybody with shellfish allergy
  • Only available direct from manufacturer
  • Premium priced product ( but you can save money with larger orders)

Where To Buy Testofuel In Australia

Testofuel Official Website

The official manufacturers website is only place where you can buy genuine Testofuel (Click Here)

Prices start at AU$ 85.00 for a full months supply.

You can save money and also get free boxes* when you choose from their larger bundles.

*Our vote for the best buy is Testofuel’s “Ultimate Muscle Gainers Bundle”

For AU$ 255.00 you get 3 boxes of testofuel, a 4th box FREE, plus access to two very useful E books, one on nutrition and the other on workouts.

Shipping is fast and when you buy 2 or more bottles its FREE too.

Cash Back Guarantee

Testofuel is one of only a handful of products to offer a lengthy 90 day cash back guarantee to their customers. 

It’s quite simple, they ask you to take Testofuel as directed for 90 days, if after that period you are disappointed with the results, they tell you to return the empty boxes for a full refund.

Our Conclusion

If you are looking for a testosterone booster, you will struggle to fine one that matches itl for its formula, and results.

Quite simply its the best out there!

Testofuel is openly and honestly marketed, with no risky or hidden ingredients, quite frankly you can see what you are getting with no surprises.

It’s been developed for active men who workout regularly but its effects and benefits do not stop there.

It is every bit as effective on older men who are experiencing the effects of age related low testosterone.

The product also works really well for women, boosting their energy levels, improving their muscle tone and trimming unwanted body fat.

Overall we really rate Testofuel and recommend it to all readers!

You Can Buy Your Supply Directly From Testofuel.com